Friday, February 1, 2019

Our Story in the News

The two-inch headline reads, “Sledztwo w Sprawie Rodziny Krymholc” (Investigation into the Krymholc Family). The entire centerfold section of the newspaper is covered with photos of my grandmother, Pola, her parents and siblings.  

PA.RA newspaper, published monthly by Grodzka Gate Theater NN in Lublin, Poland, includes stories from Lublin’s 100 years of independence, 1918 – 2018. Issue No. 12 features the Lublin-Antwerp Project, Grodzka Gate’s recent investigation into Lublin’s residents who immigrated to Antwerp before WWII, and new information discovered about my family. 

With photos from my grandmother’s collection, the Investigation of the Krymholc Family, tells the story of this brave family who were murdered by the Nazi’s during War World II. 

View the PA.RA stories online (can be translated with Google Translate) 

Monika Malec, Polski Radio Lublin, interviewing me at the Lubliner Reunion

“Oh, so you mean m.11 is the apartment number?” I asked Monika Malec from Polski Radio Lublin, who accompanied me to the apartment where my grandmother and her family lived in Old Town. I recently received documentation from Grodzka Gate researchers of my family's Lublin address and was unaware 'm.11' meant number 11. 

Monika interviewed me and the researchers from Grodzka Gate Theater during the Lubliner Reunion last year, for a feature story about my family. Although I listened to the broadcast onlineI understood very little, since it was in Polish. Monika graciously translated the entire broadcast to English. It is a beautiful tribute to my family and to the forgotten history of Lublin’s Jewish residents.  

Apartment Number 11
Rynek 14, Lublin, Poland 2017

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